Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ho hum, Texas Hackers Hack Into Electronic Highway Sign. Again.

This is getting tedious. It was funny the first time, it was humorous the second time, but now the electronic highway sign hackers are just getting boring.

This past Friday, February 6, hackers changed a Lubbock, Texas sign to read "OMG The British R coming. They R watching you."

Not so funny. Maybe it's because Texas was already attacked by zombies and Indianapolis battled raptors last week.

In a statement to the press, Austin Bridge & Road, the sign's owner, says someone "with a questionable sense of humor" is responsible for the attack.

Questionable? You're just being polite. I would have used words like "unoriginal," "uninspired," "derivative," or "hackneyed."

What's next in your career of has-been humor? Maybe you could write more Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton jokes for Jay Leno? How about jokes about how George W. Bush is stupid? Ooh, I know, do something about "Germans love David Hasselhoff."

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