Saturday, May 09, 2009

Robert Doornbos of Newman/Haas/Langan Racing Hits the Wall in Practice

Robert Doornbos (#06, Netherlands) of Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing hit the outside wall in turn #2. Wind is high. Teams are concerned about the weather.

Doornbos was driving the backup car, since he crashed his primary car yesterday.


Robert Doornbos has been cleared for driving by Dr. Michael Olinger. Unfortunately, he is out of cars, unless Graham Rahal (# 02) is willing to let Robert borrow his backup car. Given Robert's 0-for-2 non-crashed cars, if I were Graham, I'd be a little concerned about it.

Doornbos said in a written statement: "I have no idea (what happened.) I'm so disappointed. The guys did an amazing job getting the car ready. We had a good first outing. Everything felt good. We were just starting a run and rear just went on me. I don't know what happened. We'll have to look at the data, but it's disappointing because I wanted to qualify today."

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