Saturday, October 24, 2009

High School Student Uses Video Camera to Catch Locker Thief, Snags Surprising Culprit

Tiana Rapp, a senior at Newfield High School in Long Island, had lost $190 in theft from her locker on two different occasions. After complaining to the high school administration, who believed it was a student, and said they couldn't do anything.

So Rapp took matters into her own hands. She and a classmate put a video camera in another locker and pointed it at her own.

That's when they caught Linda Cubano, an adult hall monitor, opening Rapp's locker and searching through her purse.

"They said there was nothing they could do and they were convinced that a student was doing it," Rapp told

Turns out Rapp is a big fan of CSI, and wants to be a forensic scientist when she graduates from college.

The school district said they had accepted Cubano's resignation, but they were not going to comment on the case. Cubano was also charged with three counts of petty larceny.

Rapp said several other students have said they were losing things from their lockers as well. My guess is that those thefts will come to a stop as well.

Rule #1 about being a successful thief: Never steal from people who are smarter and more resourceful than you.

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