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Food Puritans Attack Hot Dogs

Food Puritans Attack Hot Dogs

I'm tired of people who try to ruin the fun for everyone. I'm tired of these smug societal Puritans who can only enjoy life when they try to spoil everyone else's good time. Like the Calvinists who burned witches at the stake. Like the preacher dad from Footloose. Like people who call Christmas trees "Holiday foliage."

Now the food Puritans are attacking hot dogs and comparing them to smoking and causing cancer. A national group of hot dog haters recently put up a billboard near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the message "Warning: Hot Dogs Can Wreck Your Health" next to a giant photo of hot dogs inside a cigarette pack, and a web address for

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a special interest, no-fun group that promotes a vegan diet, wants to draw a link between colorectal cancer and hot dogs.

If you're trying to link hot dogs to smoking to colorectal cancer, I don't think you&…

Becky Hardy, Indiana Fever High-Fiver (VIDEO)

If you go to an Indiana Fever game, you've probably seen the woman who runs up and down the stairs in Section 17, on the southwest end of Conseco Fieldhouse. That's Becky Hardy, a die-hard Fever fan, and the Indiana Fever High-Fiver.

Becky started a tradition several years ago, where she would high-five the people around here every time the Fever scored a three-point shot. After the people who used to sit behind her moved to a different row, she would run up and high-five them.

Soon, people in the top row were shouting for a high-five, and she would make the trip to the top, slapping hands with people on the way up and the way down.

That turned into the tradition you can see on the video today.

By the way, y friend, Julie Graue, the VP of Business Operations for the Indiana Fever is letting me give away two free tickets to a Fever home game to anyone who wants them. Any home game between now and August 9 is eligible.

Visit the Indiana Fever tickets page, and use the passcode XGRAU…

Get Two Free Tickets to an Indiana Fever Game

I've got two free tickets to an Indiana Fever game for anyone and everyone who wants them.

This isn't a contest, you don't have to leave a comment, send a tweet, like a Facebook page. They're just there.

My friend, Julie Graue, the VP of Business Operations for the Indiana Fever has asked me to make these tickets available to anyone who wants them. Any home game between now and August 9 is eligible.

Our Indiana Fever has the best attendance record in the WNBA, and they want to make sure they hold on to that game.

Visit the Indiana Fever tickets page, and use the passcode XGRAUE (all caps), and you can get the tickets. You only have to pay the Ticketmaster processing fee, but the tickets are yours. There are either two or three games left, so you should be able to see all the home games if you would like. And if you want to sit with me and my family, we're in Section 17, row 13. Get the tickets and hang out with us.

I hope to see you there.

My book, Branding Yourself: How…

Stop Messing Around With the Language

Stop Messing Around With the Language

Businesspeople need to quit messing around with the English language. They're really screwing it up. They need to stick with selling things and making money, and leave the language to the experts.

I was recently listening to A Way With Words, a grammar and language show on National Public Radio (think "Car Talk" for word nerds). Someone called in and said he had seen the word "effort" used as a verb several times. As in "I am efforting a new update for my computer." Translation: "I am working on/getting/finding a new update for my computer."

I efforted really hard not to drive my car into a ditch.

Since when did "effort" become a verb? It's a noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing. Not something that businesspeople can mangle so they sound cool. They don't. They sound like they were kicked in the head by a horse.

Excuse me, hoofed in the head.

You put "a lot of effort" into carry…

Minnesota Lynx at Indiana Fever, July 15, 2011

So we got to see the Indiana Fever take on the Minnesota Lynx last night at Conesco Fieldhouse. The Fever had won six in a row, and tonight they were looking to hit #7. I decided to tweet as much as I could during the game, so here are my tweets, along with any additional commentary.

Getting ready for the @IndianaFever game against the Minnesota #Lynx. #Fever can make it 7 in a row tonight.

I think I could use @jessdav50's knee socks as a sleeping bag. #indianafever #donotangerthecenter (Jessica Davenport is a very tall woman — the Fever program has her listed at 6'5" — and she wears some honking big knee socks. Some players wear calf-high or even ankle high socks. But JD and a few of the other players roll on the knee-highs.)

I think earlier I accidentally called the Minnesota #Lynx the Lunx. Didn't mean to insult the #Fever opponents. #PleaseLoseAnyway (Turns out I didn't actually call them the Lunx. But after the way they manhandled — womanhandled? — the Fever, I…

I Do? (Advice for Newlyweds)

I Do?

Erik is out of the office this week, so we are reprinting a column from 2003.

My wife and I raised a lot of eyebrows when we first announced we were getting married. It was especially puzzling to people, because we had already been married for three years.

Actually, it was because people never thought we were the marrying type, at least to each other. So, as we close in on our tenth wedding anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to say "neener neener" to all those who doubted us.

And while I may not have been married as long as someone who has been married for, say, eleven years, I think I have a pretty good grasp on what it takes to make a successful marriage. So I would like to offer some tips for those of you who are getting married, are newly married, or are wondering, "Jeez, why did I ever get married in the first place?!"

The foundation of a successful marriage is being able to communicate effectively. Husbands and wives need to discuss their fee…

Foursquare Phone App Is Not For Spies

Foursquare Phone App Is Not For Spies

Are you the mayor of your favorite restaurant? Do you check in? Do you even know what I'm talking about?

Foursquare is the social network that lets you "check in" on your iPhone or Android to a place you visit, like a restaurant, a store, the movies, your office, or any other business location. It announces to your friends where you are, telling them that you have arrived at a particular place, or especially like a particular location.

This is useful if you're meeting a friend at a restaurant and you want to see if they already showed up. Or finding people you already know. Or tracking down a deadbeat who owes you money and is stupid enough to tell everyone where he can be found.

Foursquare tells you your status, how many times you have been at a particular place, and even if you're the mayor of that place. The mayor is the person who has visited a location more times than anyone else in the past 60 days. Or, to look at it a diff…

Fruits and Veggies Prepare for Meat Battle

Fruits and Veggies Prepare for Meat Battle

The fruits and vegetables in this country are organizing, and it doesn't look good for meat.

I recently received a press release from the Produce for Better Health Foundation (official motto: "Soy burgers are just as good as real burgers. Almost. Sort of. Okay, not really."), telling me that cantaloupe and garlic have been featured as the Fruit and Vegetable of the Month for July.

Fruit and Vegetable of the Month? Who got to make that decision? Why wasn't the public asked for input? Were strawberries and green beans given a fair shake? And which category will tomatoes be in?

I'm rather worried, because this Produce for Better Health Foundation just sort of sprang up out of nowhere and started sending me press releases about random fruit and veggie celebrations. Yet there are no parades, and apparently the issue is not important enough to have national holidays where I can take a three day weekend, so I don't think these …