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Chattanooga Airport Renamed Chattanooga Airport

Chattanooga Airport Renamed Chattanooga AirportFrom the "more money poorly spent" file: the Chattanooga Airport is going to change its name to. . . drumroll, please. . . "Chattanooga Airport."

According to a story in the Chattanooga (Tennessee) Times Free Press — soon to be renamed "Chattanooga Newspaper" — officials at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport have been speaking with consultants and branding experts to come up with a new name for the airport. So they hired Big Communications, an advertising firm from Birmingham, Alabama.

They're the ones who came up with the catchy new title, and urged them to drop "Metropolitan" because it "creates simplicity."

Know what's even simpler? Coming up with that idea yourself.

I understand the need to hire a marketing agency for rebranding. After all, I own a social media agency. I understand the creative juice needed to come up with some great ideas to help your client make money and be a …

IndyCar Statement Regarding Charges Against Al Unser, Jr.

Press statement received from INDYCAR this afternoon:INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 29, 2011) - INDYCAR issued the following statement today regarding the charges filed against Al Unser Jr. in Albuquerque, N.M.

"INDYCAR is aware of the charges and will not be commenting at this time. Al Unser Jr. has been suspended indefinitely and relieved of his duties in Race Control, pending further investigation."


Wikileaks Leaker Peeved His Book Leaked

Wikileaks Leaker Peeved His Book LeakedJulian Assange loves leaking information. He loves finding other people's secrets and sharing it with the entire world. He even likes to say "information wants to be free."

The founder of made international news by accepting 250,000 leaked confidential cables and memos from US Army private Bradley Manning, and then sharing it with several newspapers in the US and Europe, revealing confidential information several governments would rather have kept secret.

Information wants to be free, Assange has shouted from the mountaintops. He thinks it should be shared openly, freely, and lavishly.

Unless it's his information. That's private.

Assange is accusing Scottish publisher, Canongate, of leaking his autobiography, about the founding of Wikileaks, without his approval.

He is currently in England, challenging a British court's decision to extradite him to Sweden to face trial on the charges of raping two women.

But this…

Special prices on Fever Playoff Tickets for Game Against Atlanta Dream!

Regular readers know that my family and I love the Indiana Fever. Thanks to their victory Monday over the New York Liberty, they are now facing the Atlanta Dream at home tomorrow at Conseco Fieldhouse.

They are also offering special pricing on the tickets to anyone who wants to go.

Club Level Tickets: $7.42
Lower Level End Zone Tickets: $12.72
Lower Level Center Court Tickets: $19.08
(Price includes 6% Marion Co. Admissions Tax)

Just go to the special Fever group ticket sales website, and enter the promo code PLAYOFFS.

We sat in the lower level end zone and got an awesome view of the entire game. We'll be back at the Fieldhouse tomorrow, so if you're going to be there, let me know.

Roundup: Indiana Fever Win Eastern Conference Semifinals

"Do you want to go to the Fever game tonight?"

It was a quick Facebook email, from my friend, Julie, who works for the Indiana Fever. (And now, my bestest friend ever!)

"Yes, please." I wrote back. I am nothing, if not polite.

Long story short, we ended up with 5 tickets on row 4 section 20, right behind one of the goals. It was the closest I've ever been to the action. I managed to take some great photos, and get some good expressions on the faces of the players. You really get to see the determination and fight each of the women have as they fight their way for another bucket.

Take a look at these photos in the slideshow below. You can even click on one of them and be taken to the entire album on Picasa.

This was an important game for the Fever, because they were playing for their survival in the WNBA championships. This was the final game of the Eastern Conference semifinals. The winner would move on to play the Atlanta Dream, the loser would go home.

Rather than…

NATO, Taliban Take War to Twittersphere

NATO, Taliban Take War to TwittersphereIt may be the first time two warring entities have taken to taunting each other online, but the Taliban and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have been taken potshots at each other on Twitter. (ISAF is the NATO-led organization that has been operating in Afghanistan to help grow the Afghan National Security Forces, and to help fight the insurgent Taliban.)

According to an article in the (London) Guardian, the Twitter spat — coincidentally called a "flame war" in Internet lingo — flared up as a 20-hour Taliban assault on Kabul was drawing to a close.

The first volley came from the ISAF media account, which goes by @ISAFmedia: "Re: Taliban spox on #Kabul attack: the outcome is inevitable. Question is how much longer will terrorist put innocent Afghans in harm's way?" (Spox is Twitter shorthand for spokesman.)

The Taliban's spokesman, Abdulqahar Balki (whose Twitter handle is @ABalkhi), who was forced to res…

Indiana Fever Lose to Atlanta Dream, 88 - 93

The last Indiana Fever home game was held on Patriot Day, and it was a somber mood in the Conseco Fieldhouse. We had been watching football all day and the NFL salutes, listening to all the "10 years later" news retrospectives, and hearing all the remembrances.

The WNBA didn't do anything differently. They were respectful of the day, and aware of the fact that this was the last regular season home game. Tonight was about showing fans how much they appreciated us, and for everyone to show our military personnel how much we appreciated them.

I only wish the Fever could have capped it off with a victory to make the evening complete.

But even with an 88 - 93 loss, it didn't matter. The Fever clinched the number one spot Eastern division. They were going to the playoffs with home court advantage. But a loss tonight meant we would be playing the Liberty, a win meant we would turn around and face the Dream again. Personally, I was hoping for a Liberty playoff series, because w…

Indiana Fever Beat Washington Mystics, 87-69

The Indiana Fever needed a win tonight to clinch the WNBA Eastern Conference division, which they managed to do handily. They outshot, out-blocked, outran, and outplayed the Mystics in their pursuit of the playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years.

One of the best matchups I saw was between our own Erin Phillips and #2 Kelly Miller. The two of them tangled and tousled several times during the game, including the time Miller gave Phillips a full-on "you-want-a-piece-of-this?!" shove during play. At other times, 5'0" Shannon Bobbit took on Miller, and wouldn't back down either. Miller is 5'10" and a 10-year veteran (Bobbit is in her 2nd year). Miller had the reach and the experience, but Bobbit and Phillips wouldn't back down.

Phillips has some great tenacity, taking over for our last Aussie scrapper, Tully Bevilaqua. Erin P plays her heart out game after game, playing so hard that she even got injured during the final minutes of tonight's game, hurting …

Victory Statue to Return to Position Atop Monument Circle Tuesday

Victory is the 118-year-old statue that watches over Indianapolis from atop the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Monument Circle. She has stood there since 1893, through 118 Indiana winters, 118 Indiana summers. In fact today, September 5, marks the 118th anniversary she was put up. She's Indianapolis' Statue of Liberty.

Finally, four years ago, they decided she needed a makeover. So they brought her down four months ago, fixed her up, and brought her back. She has been sitting on the west side of Monument Circle at ground level for us to get a closer look. No one has seen her up close like this in our lifetime, and no one will again. It will be several generations before she returns to earth again — maybe my grandkids will be around to see that, definitely their grandkids.

She was originally built on top of the monument in 40 pieces, because they didn't have the technology to take her up in one piece. So they brought her down in 13 pieces, put the pieces back together, re…

Beloit College Makes Me Feel Old

Beloit College Makes Me Feel OldThe class of 2015 started college this week. The class of 2015 — students who will, their parents hope, graduate from college in four years — was born in 1993, the same year I got married. There's nothing that makes me feel quite so old as knowing I'm old enough to be the father of today's college freshmen. Me and Ferris Bueller.

And I blame Beloit College for it.

Beloit College, in Wisconsin, releases the Beloit College Mindset List every August, as a way to show their faculty what is pinging through the minds of their young charges. I think they do it because they don't like their faculty, and want to make them feel decrepit.

It was originally created in 1998 — making it the class 2020 — by Ron Nief and Tom McBride, as a way to tell the professors to avoid using dated references in their lectures.

It's always been a bit of a downer for me when someone who is younger than me points out how much younger. I mean, I know I'm no spr…