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Tired of All the Anger

Tired of All the AngerWe're angry in this country. Angry, exasperated, outraged, filled with righteous self-indignation. We're a nation of upset people, and there's no apparent reason for it.

Whose fault is it? Who's making us so mad?

The Other Guy.

If you're into politics, it's the other side's fault. If you're in business, it's the competition's fault, or the customer's fault. If you have a neighbor, it's his fault.

Someone cut in line? They're an awful human being who laughed at the end of "Dolphin Tale." Someone cut you off in traffic? Quick, race up onto their bumper at 60 miles an hour and act like you're going to smash into them, possibly killing you both. Your neighbor hasn't mowed his lawn in 10 days? He's clearly a Nazi/Communist/Fascist/Ralph Nader supporter. We should sue, or tell the home owners association on him.

We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore.

Whatever "it&…

Modern Rules of Etiquette

Modern Rules of EtiquetteAfter reading an article in Inc. Magazine on business etiquette — ignore your phone during face-to-face meetings, send a thank you note, observe the 'elevator rule' of not speaking about the people you met with until you reach the bottom floor — I realized there are other rules of everyday etiquette most of us fail to follow on a regular basis.

For those of us who have forgotten what our moms told us, here are a few basic rules of etiquette we should all follow, whether in the office, out in public, or even in the privacy of our own homes.

1. Don't race to take the biggest cookie/piece of cake/piece of pizza. It makes you look like a pig, and shows everyone you care more about yourself than anyone else. Instead, let other people go first, stand nearby, and glare menacingly at anyone who reaches for what's yours. Not everyone will notice, and you'll look like you're showing restraint. If you can't manage the evil eye, then whisper to…

A One-Sided Conversation: Christmas Photos Ruin Christmas Spirit

Christmas Photos Ruin Christmas Spirit"Sit there with your mother, kids. It's time for Christmas card pictures."

"Yes, it's August, but I figure it will take us three months to get this right."

"Buddy, quit wiggling. Sit up straight."

"Wait, the camera was in sleep mode."

"Okay, hold on, let me set the timer."

"Buddy, sit up. Quit laying on your sisters."

"Because no one wants to see you flopped over at Christmas. You sit here in the middle, and quit flopping on everyone."

"Sweetie, why aren't you wearing your sweater? Don't wear that shirt."

"No, Star Wars does not celebrate the meaning of Christm—Honey, shut off your iPod and take out your earbuds."

"No, Sweetie, your basketball shirt doesn't either."

"Why can't you just put on the Christmas sweaters everyone else is wearing?"

"It's not hot in here!"

"Because I cranked up the AC. No one should …