Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poets Take a Frigid Plunge to Increase Awareness of Poetry

Twelve poets from Seattle were silly
They jumped into waters quite chilly
They want us to care
About verses so fair
But instead they shrunk up their willies.

Twelve poets in Seattle jumped into frigid lake waters to help increase awareness of poetry.

According to an article in the Seattle Times, poet/artist Mimi Allen has organized similar "guerilla" art events. Her goal was to "make poetry fun, get it in the news, wake people up and bring together rival camps of 'page poets and stage poets.'"

By fun, I don't think she meant freezing ones' uhh. . .
barbaric yawps in a lake in December.

The best line from the whole event came from Drew Curtis over at Fark:

"Twelve poets plunge into a frigid lake to to bring attention to the world of poetry, also because "shrunk" and "junk" rhyme.

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