Friday, May 15, 2009

30 Seconds with Ryan Hunter-Reay at the Indianapolis 500

I was wandering around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway garage this morning, caught up with Ryan Hunter-Reay this morning, who drives the #21 for Vision Racing. They've been focused on getting every ounce of speed out of the cars that they can.

"We're just trying to find answers to getting the cars to match in speed," said Hunter-Reay.

The guy's been absolutely focused on getting ready for the race, so much so that he doesn't even leave the Speedway.

"I just hang out in the motor home, do some bicycling," said Hunter-Reay. "I haven't had much time off."

Huter-Reay is spending his free time with his fiancée, who he said loves racing. If only I could get my wife to love my job as much as I do. Of course, there's not as much excitement in watching one's spouse write all day long.

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