British Police Arrest Neighbor Over Ceramic Pig

Earlier this month, Robin Demczak of Witney, England was forcibly dragged from his bed and held in jail for more than 7 hours on suspicion of being a terrorist and plotting to overthrow the British monarchy.

Just kidding. It was because his police officer neighbor didn't like an ornamental stone pig in his garden (British for "back yard"), because it hurted his feewings.

Demczak has had a running feud with his neighbor, Police Constable John Ablett. Ablett said the little stone pig and a sign that said "no pigs" was a form of harassment, so he called his fellow officers in, and they arrested Demczak.

Demczak was finally released the next morning without having any charges filed, because he said the pig had been in his garden for eight years, while the eagle-eyed police officer had only lived there for four.

“I’ve got other stone ornaments of other animals, foxes, birds, things like that. Not just the pig," Demczak told the Witney Gazette.

So why does a retired window farmer have a stone pig and a "no pigs" sign in his back yard?

Turns out the guy is also a former pig farmer. He used to have a piggery in his back yard, and the little building – Damczek calls it a sty – still lives in his back yard.

The "no pigs" sign is something he painted right after the last pig died. Sort of a symbol of his former hobby.

But Ablett, who Damczek is feuding with over a path that splits their yards, got his panties in a bunch over the 12-inch pig Damczek has had for more years than Ablett has lived there.

So, Damczek has been ordered to get rid of the ornamental pig, and to stop calling the building a sty.

There was no word whether Damczek could call Ablett what he really thinks of him.

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