Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rookie James Hinchcliffe Hits the Wall in Turn #3

James Hinchcliffe (#06) is out of the race after hitting the wall in turn #3, coming to rest on the exit of turn #3, bringing the yellow flags out again. He was running around 11th or 12th when it happened, completing 99 of 200 laps. He was able to walk away from the accident under his own power. No word exactly from what caused it.

This was James' rookie year as an IndyCar driver, and was doing a great job. I've been watching James since his IndyLights season last year, since the husband of my friend, Pauline Moffat (executive director of Indy Fringe Theatre) was Hinch's engineer. I had a chance to interview Hinch during Media Day, and was looking forward to great things from him today. However, a DNF today does not mean he's finished. I think we'll see some awesome stuff from <a href="">@Hinchtown</a> over the coming years.

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