New website coming

I've always enjoyed writing, and thought I was pretty good at web design, but I'm starting to hate the latter because it's keeping me away from the former. I've been trying to come up with a new web layout, and hope to launch Laughing Stalk 3.0 in the next few days. New photos, new look, same funny stuff. . . I hope.

The problem is that if a writer wants to become published, he or she needs to become a marketer. Most writers bemoan this fact and whine about how they're artists, not businesspeople. And this is true for many of the ones I've met. No business sense, no idea of how to market themselves, and no idea that their work has only begun once their article is written.

Basically, the rule of writing (or any artistic endeavor) is this: you're not just a writer anymore; you're a businessperson. You have a brand to build: it's [insert name here]. You need to market, sell, and promote yourself if you ever want to be seen as a writer. You have to learn how to write solid cover letters, get a good looking website, and figure out how to get mroe and more people to read your stuff.

Look, I know it's drudgery, and your art should rise above the mundanities of everyday nonsense like money and trickery. But how many literary savants are out there that we've never heard of? I'd guess plenty. I do sales and marketing for a day job, and even I don't enjoy doing it for my writintg. But it has to be done.

So if anyone wants any pointers on how and where to do it, let me know. I'll come across with a few free ideas for you (actually a lot, because I like to hear myself talk!). Just email me at the blog link provided here. And check out my website sometime after July 27th to see Laughing Stalk 3.0.