New Radio Play

I just received word this week that my radio play, The Snowman Always Shovels Twice, is going into production at Minds Ear Audio Theatre. Snowman, which won first prize in the 2002 International Audio Theatre Script Competition, is a murder mystery/comedy that takes place during the taping of a radio play at your local public radio station. One by one, members of the cast are being murdered. Is it a psychotic killer on a rampage? Or is someone trying to loot the cash-laden coffers of the public radio station?

The play will be recorded in December, and should be available for purchase at the Minds Ear website before Spring 2007. Just go to for more information, CDs for purchase, and free sample downloads.

Minds Ear is based out of Bloomington, IN, which is also home to the Apotheosis Saga (a radio sci-fi series available on iTunes), and Lodestone Catalog, a catalog for radio theatre productions.