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PETA Hates Animals

PETA Hates Animals
Erik Deckers
Laughing Stalk Syndicate
Copyright 2007

Despite their name, I think the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) doesn't like the very animals they're trying to protect.

That's why they kill many of the pet cats and dogs they receive.

In fact, two PETA employees are on trial for 31 counts of Cruelty to Animals and three counts of Obtaining Property By False Pretenses for allegedly killing animals and then illegally disposing of their bodies.

According to a story on WVEC-TV's website, Andrew Benjamin Cook and Adria Joy Hinkle were arrested in June 2005 after police found them throwing trash bags containing the bodies of 18 dead dogs and cats into a dumpster at an Ahoskie, North Carolina shopping center. Police then searched the PETA-owned van and found another 13 dead pets.

Staff from the Ahoskie Animal Hospital and the Bertie County Animal Shelter told police the two PETA employees had collected 31 animals, including kittens and puppies, and promised that PETA would find adoptive homes.

I've heard that all dogs go to Heaven, but I don't think that counts as an adoptive home.

"It's hideous," Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, told WVEC. "I think this is so shocking it's bound to hurt our work."

Really, Ingrid? You think this is going to hurt your work? This, and not the "Got beer?" campaign you geared toward minors? Or the time your own Bruce Friedrich said PETA wished for the painful and deadly foot-and-mouth disease to strike the U.S. cattle and dairy industry? Or the time you guys asked Hamburg, New York to change their name to Veggieburg?

You people are so far beyond hurting your work, a story about how PETA employees allegedly killed kittens and puppies won't make much of a dent. It's like spilling a glass of water on the Titanic.

PETA claims they collect animals and then adopt them out to loving families. They just don't tell you about what they do with 90 percent of the animals that aren't adopted or recovered by their owners.

According to records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA received 2,145 animals in 2005, and killed 90 percent of them in its Norfolk-based facilities. Meanwhile, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals only put down four percent.

The state average is 43 percent.

In other words, PETA's kill rate is more than double of the entire Commonwealth of Virginia's. Oh, they defend their practices as being humane. In fact, according to, if you write to them about this issue, they'll send a letter back to you explaining themselves.

"[M]ost of the animals we receive are broken beings for whom euthanasia is, without a doubt, the most humane option."

Hardly sounds like "Ethical Treatment" to me.

So I wasn't surprised to hear that Colorado Governor Bill Owens called PETA "a bunch of losers" and "frauds."

During a January 4 interview on KRFX-FM in Denver, PETA spokeswoman Reannon Peterson refused to help the two morning show hosts raise money to help feed and rescue more than 340,000 cattle stranded by several recent blizzards.

Workers had been airlifting bales of hay to the stranded animals in the hopes of preventing massive starvation. Hosts Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax were trying to raise money to save the cattle, as well as the ranchers' livelihood.

After she launched into a tirade about how the ranchers wouldn't be in this situation if they had treated the animals differently, Peterson was repeatedly asked how an organization that was supposed to care about animals could let thousands of cattle starve to death.

Her answer? "Why are we so worried about keeping them just so we can kill them in six months so they can become a steak dinner?"

I'm no expert, but I'm guessing it's so they won't die a painful and lingering death.

It's at that point that Governor Owens, who had been sitting quietly through the whole interview, exploded and called the group "frauds and losers."

"Don't send money to PETA. That's the message," he said on the air.

It seems to me that PETA is more about sensationalism and raising money than they are actually helping animals. They throw red paint on fur coats, rather than buy and rescue the animals from the farmers. They kill pets rather than try to adopt them out to families. And they would rather let more than 300,000 cattle needlessly suffer than do something to help them.

If they truly wanted to help the animals they claim to support, they would use the money they raise to pay for the rescue, housing, and care of every animal they find, whether it's mink, cattle, or dogs and cats.

Just don't let Cook and Hinkle near them.


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