Indianapolis Independent Coffee Shops website

Attention Indianapolis coffee lovers (that's anyone in Indy who loves coffee, as well as anyone who loves coffee from Indianapolis). There's a new way to find Indianapolis coffee shops online: This is a Google interactive map that lists all of the independent coffee shops in the Indianapolis metro area. Special thanks to Doug Karr for helping me with this project. (He even created the cool logo.)

The map lists all independent and small chain coffee houses, and leaves out all Big Chain coffee shops. It even shows you which shops have free WiFi (green markers), and which ones don't (blue markers).

Eventually, we hope to add a community blog similar to I Choose Indy's, which is where this map first found voice. On our blog, people can write about their favorite coffee houses, an owners' section, where the different house owners can give out important information to their patrons, such as the price of a latte, whether they have live music, their hours, etc.

If you know of a coffee house that has closed, or if we missed one on the map, or if a place offers WiFi, but I missed it, let me know. We'll fix the problem as soon as possible.

Remember, if you support your local merchants, $.40 of every dollar you spend stays in the community. But if you support national merchants, like Big Chain Coffee, only $.13 of every dollar stays. So support your local coffee shops and help support your community.