Aussie Real Estate Agents Sue Google Over Links

According to an article on ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Australian real estate agents Mark Forytarz and Paul Castran of Castran Gilbert are suing Google because the search engine giant is linking to an article at Jenman Real Estate Monitors. Jenman writes about their alleged activities in pressuring Robert Langer to sell his home against his wishes, and then demanding their commission.

Another article in Techdirt says that it’s hard to see how Google is liable for the link.

“If there's a defamatory article, then the liability is on whoever wrote it and put it online. The fact that Google found it in a search shouldn't transfer liability to them -- even if (as the agents indicate) Google was told that the content was defamatory,” Techdirt author Mike Masnick wrote.

In other words, Forytarz and Castran don’t want people to see this article. So don’t click this link to read about Forytarz’s alleged tactics. Seriously. And don't do it right now.

This gives rise to the question (as one Techdirt commenter asked), “How would they even know the negative article existed without Google?”

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