Indianapolis Blogging Conference - BlogMOB and BlogIN 2008

Attention all Indianapolis bloggers (or Indiana bloggers who happen to be in town):

Smaller Indiana is sponsoring two blog-related events in April for anyone who writes a blog, wants to write a blog, or just wants to meet people who write blogs.

BlogMOB F2F – Monday, April 14, Noon to 1 pm on IndianapolisMonument Circle. Smaller Indiana bloggers will write about the BlogIN conference (it’s actually an unConference – see below).

As fellow Indy blogger Bruce Allen put it, we want to create a “visual happening, to demonstrate the power of the Internet to put feet on the ground.”

The Circle has free WiFi, so if you want to blog in real time, you can. If you want to email friends, surf the web, or read other blogs of note, you can. If you just want to add to the general atmosphere and satisfy your inner geek, you can. We just want warm bodies in blue or yellow shirts. If we get enough people, we might even make the evening news.

So, if you live and/or work in Indianapolis and you write a blog or want to learn how, show up in a yellow or blue shirt, and bring a laptop and umbrella (‘cause we’re doing this rain or shine!). I’m especially interested in seeing my friends who work within spitting distance of the Circle. You know who you are.

BlogIN 2008 – Saturday, April 26, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm at IUPUI’s School of Informatics.

Indiana bloggers will share best practices, tips, tools, case studies, and strategies for successful blogging. Whether you are an experienced blogger or a newbie, join us for the conference as we explore blogging as a tool to build community, culture and commerce in Indiana. It’s like a ’60 style be-in, but without all the mass arrests and riot police.

We will have streaming video and multiple blog posts throughout the day.

BlogIN is an unConference, which means we don’t have a set agenda. Attendees will suggest topics and lead discussions. And if enough people ask for it, I will be doing a presentation on how to write for blogs. (It’s like writing for newspapers, but with a few twists.)

Hopefully my Smoosier friends (a Smoosier is a Hoosier on Smaller Indiana) in Bloomington, West Lafayette, Ft. Wayne, South Bend and other parts can arrange local BlogINs in their communities, or even make the trip to downtown Indianapolis for either of these events.

Register for BlogIN 2008 here.