Kickboxing Lawyers Will Gladly Kick Your Ass, and Bill You For It

My friend Alice recently took up kickboxing, and decided this was a good time to tell people she hates lawyer jokes.

So, I told her about a
Goldilocks and the Three Bears column I wrote a few years ago, and reprinted in March. I did it partly because I like to hassle her, but mostly because I know I can outrun her.

Hope your day goes better, Alice.


  1. Thanks for post Erik - you always have a way of making me laugh. A few rounds with the bag last night and I was right as rain.

    Your Goldilocks post is hilarious and totally non-offensive. It was just one of those, "what do you call a bus full of lawyers that crashes with one empty seat - a damn shame" type of jokes that really get to me. It feels like a personal attack, especially when it comes from someone who has never said 2 words to you before telling you the joke.


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