Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blog Indiana discount - I'm speaking at Blog Indiana 2008

I'll be speaking at the Blog Indiana 2008 conference in Indianapolis this August 16 & 17. It's on the IUPUI campus, and promises to have a lot of great information for new and experienced bloggers. And it's only $49 for the whole weekend.

I'll be talking about how to write for blogs, both for readership and search engine optimization. (Tip #1 - repeating keywords in sentences doesn't do it.) In fact, I'm already listed in the session schedule, which makes it official!

But best of all, as a Laughing Stalk reader, you get a 15% discount off the price of your registration. So, you pay the low, low price of $41.65.

To register, go to the conference website, enter the code BLOGDISC on the registration page, and you're in like Flynn, bay-bee!

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