Don't call Lucas Oil Stadium "The Luke"

Apparently, Forrest Lucas, founder/owner of Lucas Oil, hates it when you call Lucas Oil Stadium "The Luke." Lucas says we're giving free publicity to Russian rival Lukoil if we call it "The Luke."

Forrest, you've got to understand that while the media, the Colts, and city officials will always refer to it as Lucas Oil Stadium, fans will forego the six syllable moniker for something easier to say. Something that has, oh, two syllables. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia is "The Linc," despite the gnashing of teeth from Lincoln Financial.

But I can get on board with it. I can refrain from calling it "The Luke" for, say, two seats in your luxury box at the Colts-Patriots game

At least didn't buy the naming rights.

(Hat tip to Jennifer at the, Indianapolis' ABC affiliate)


  1. It's still "The New Stadium" to me, but the way I see it, WE paid to have it built with all those sales tax hikes we endured, so WE can call it whatever we want. In fact, unless someone wants to negotiate a small portion of the $120,000,000 they got for the naming rights with me, I think I'll call it "The Luk" ... makes me fell like I'm stickin' it to da man that way.

    And yes, it will forever be the Hoosier Dome to me too.

  2. I've started calling it the "Oil Can".

  3. Interesting followup to your article. Apparently NBC doesn't really care what Forrest Lucas thinks either.


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