I am vindicated -- Grimace DID used to have four arms

Several years ago, I got into a slight argument with some family members about whether McDonald's Grimace used to have four arms or not. They were sure he didn't, and I was positive he did.

Not being the kind of person to let these things go easily, I now proudly -- and somewhat smugly -- offer video proof that Grimace did, in fact, have four arms. He was also evil and stole things.

(Evil Grimace steals cups, Ronald disguises himself as a mailman.)

(Evil Grimace steals shakes and Cokes. Ronald disguises himself as a movie director.)

I feel vindicated now, after all these years.


  1. And I always thought Ronald was the creepy one. Ewwww - FOUR ARMS! Now I'm truly thankful to all those copyright lawyers who destroyed the McDonaldland creatures. Total creepsville.

  2. Crusaders against McDs should pull out this blubbery Grimace as evidence that too many Big Macs are bad for your figure!

  3. True about the Big Macs, but Grimace kept stealing the drinks.

    And when I think about it, the Fry Guys stole the fries, and the Hamburglar stole hamburgers. I wonder why the three never worked together to steal an entire meal. I think a combined effort on their part would have flummoxed Ronald and scored some major food points for them.

    @Flicker, there is an interesting article in Wikipedia about the history of the McDonald's commercials. They used to be 60 second mini-stories that were a little interesting (at least when I was 7).


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