Unveil or Fail? The new Erik Deckers logo

I was so impressed by Intellagirl's logo that I decided to create my own. I didn't realize how impressed I was by it until I looked at it again and saw that I had borrowed the same concept. (To be fair, Intellagirl doesn't have a beard.)

So I'd like a little feedback. What do you think? Can it be improved, or is it good enough as it is? Or am I going to anger Intellagirl so much that she's going to pummel me the next time she sees me?


  1. It reminds me of a Chris Ware drawing (which I would deem a good thing). He seems a little grouchy though. Any way to make him look more jovial, like your writing?

  2. I don't look at it and say, "Hey, he stole that from Intellagirl!" But I think you need a nose.

  3. I like it.. it needs something else though.. but I can't put my finger on it.

  4. Not bad. My first thought was that it reminded me of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew of the Muppets (eyeglasses with no eyes) but with hair. By the way, that's NOT a bad thing. I like it!

  5. Shamefully promoting myself, I think you need a new one :) However! I do agree it doesn't look as funny as you obviously are in your writing style.

    This is a great blog by the way!

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  7. @Wearing Many Hats, I don't know whether to feel complimented about my writing or insulted about my graphic skills. :-D

    Seriously though, thanks. I knew what you meant.

    @Brandswag, your comment was good. Was it intentionally following up Amy's comment about the nose?


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