White Female Gangsta Bloggas

I laughed, I cried, I thought, "Chris Baggott and his staff have too much time on their hands."

A little video by Jess Wehner and Kristen Raves of Compendium Blogware, spoofing SNL's Lazy Sunday. For those of you outside our fair city, the video was shot in Compendium offices and in downtown Indianapolis on the Circle.

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  1. It was a funny video!

    It was done with a $100 Flip camera and didn't interrupt any work hours. Additionally, the team actually had Kristen's husband mix it up. Total cost?


    And... it was a surprise internal to the company! It wasn't even a premeditated viral marketing video - just a couple of the Client Success Managers having some fun.

    Pretty cool! Thanks for premiering it on Laughing Stalk!

  2. Pretty funny! And to think I think I just met them! Funny stuff. But please just stick to blogging in the future.

  3. I have to admit that these two women have some great rhythm and were more than willing to put themselves out into unsafe territories. I certainly could never do any power rapping. While I have rhythm, I'd be more of the beat poet/Tom Waits type of rapper.

    "Crest fallen laptop in an old cafe
    Never slept with a dream before he had to go away
    There's a post in my head
    And I just bought a latte
    Don't worry about the deadlines
    In the cold cold ground"

    (borrowed heavily from/I just ruined Tom Waits, Cold Cold Ground)


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