Ann Coulter's Jaw Wired Shut: Best. Miracle. Ever

To all my agnostic and atheistic friends, especially the liberal ones:

You can't tell me there's not a God anymore.
Ann Coulter's jaw has been wired shut.

Coulter, the pretty-yet-evil right-wing crazy woman, who believes that all Democrats are going to Hell simply because they're Democrats, will not be allowed to say anything for weeks. Needless to say, the blogosphere is alight with schadenfreudic delight at Coulter's silencing.

Okay, okay, she broke her jaw falling down some stairs. And I feel bad that she hurt herself. I just don't feel bad that as part of her recovery process, she won't be allowed to spew her hatred and venom on the airwaves for several weeks.

Best. Miracle. Ever.

(Thanks to my friend Douglas Karr for the heads up.)

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  1. My personal views are strongly conservative, yet listening to Ann Coulter talk is like experiencing a severe groin rash - seriously uncomfortable.

    I suggest that we have this "wire their jaw shut" option for any public figure that talks too much. I nominate Keith Olbermann, at least when he's on Sunday Night Football, for cryin' out loud. He attempts to be smart and funny, which comes across as someone who's not.

  2. I agree with the post above. I'm a staunch conservative and I just can't stand Ann Coulter. Now if only Randi Rhodes could take a vow of silence for the same period of time...j/k

    Dave K

  3. Even as a liberal, I grew tired of Randi Rhodes about 20 minutes after I started listening to her. I'd like to lock her in a room with Ann. It would either turn into a cat fight, or they'd come out as BFF. Hilarity ensues.

    Keith Olbermann is trying too much to be like Dennis Miller. He can be smart, he can be funny, but he's not smart funny, like Jon Stewart or the aforementioned Miller.

  4. A Christmas Miracle and it is not even Christmas. Thank you Santa Clause.

    Regardless of my political views, it is nice to have her silenced for a while, even if it is just for the Holiday Season!

  5. What could we say to Ann, while she has her jaws wired shut, that would make her explode?


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