Create Your Own Suite Talk with Peyton Manning commercials online

Create Your Own Suite Talk with Peyton Manning commercials online

You know those great Peyton Manning MasterCard commercials ( “Cut that meat! Cut that meat!”), and last year’s Priceless Peptalks with Peyton (“Just buy some bigger shirts.”). Now you can send a personalized pep talk from Peyton to your pals, with the new Suite Talk with Peyton Manning.

You just fill out a little online form with your name, your friend’s name, select a couple of options about why he or she is down in the dumps (a case of the 4th downs), how you want to help (get them out of this pickle), and what they need to fix it (a train ride), and you’ve created your own personalized video. From Peyton, to your friend.

They created the video by having Peyton put his hands in front of his face when he says your friend’s name or reason for his ennui. Then, they pre-recorded the different names and problems, which get inserted at the appropriate times.

(Note: If the correct spelling of your name isn’t on there, choose the next closest thing. You can fix it later.)

Check it out and send a little Suite Talk from Peyton to a pal.

Sorry, Suite Talk does not contain congratulatory messages. Only stuff for people having a poopy day.

After the way the Colts have been playing, you have to wonder if Eli Manning has sent any of these to his brother.

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