Governor Sarah Palin Interviewed While Turkeys Killed in Background

I used to work in the poultry production industry for about 10 years. We sold supplies and equipment to poultry farmers around the world, although we never dealt with the actual birds. So I understand what goes on in the animal production world. And that is, animals are grown, animals are killed, animals are eaten.

I think animals need to be treated with respect and honor, since they're giving our lives so we can live.

Still, it's a little awkward when you're Sarah Palin, sitting Governor and former VP candidate whose still in the news, and you pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving. But then you give an interview where all the unlucky candidates are being killed. In the background.

To be fair to the guy in the background, this is how turkeys are often killed, at least on the farm. He's not doing anything wrong or cruel (although I recognize that my vegan friends will vehemently disagree with me).

But still, Governor Palin is either still gaffe-ing it up after the campaign, or she's trying out for a spot on Saturday Night Live. She either needs to fire her press secretary, or at least hire one. A trained professional would have spotted the incongruity of the event and the background.

Be sure to watch the whole interview. Governor Palin's statement between 2:00 and 2:16 are priceless. You just can't make this stuff up.

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  1. Wow. Dude.

    "A trained professional would have spotted the incongruity of the event and the background."

    Like the cameraperson? Or the interviewer? MSNBC's handling of this is totally set up to make Gov. Palin look as bad as possible. Putting text on the screen that says, "Pardoned turkey is too filthy for Governor Palin to hold." No kidding. So? She's clearly prejudiced against filthy animals, and she's an evil person for not getting her clothes dirty (sarcasm added).

    The anchor says she "...neglected to notice what was CLEAR VIEW of the cameras." Holy cow. I'll bet you a turkey dinner it was an NBC affiliate shooting the scene, since it doesn't say any different on the screen. Reeks of setup.

    "We've blurred out the goriest parts..." They blurred out so much you could not tell at all what was happening. MSNBC shows that they are clearly out to discredit Gov. Palin in any way possible.

    Yeah, her comments in context ARE funny, but this coverage is SOOO overdramatized as to appear ludicrous...unless MSNBC is the one trying to provide SNL with material.


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