I'm one of Indianapolis' Top 50 Bloggers!!!

According to Kyle Lacy, I'm one of Indianapolis' Top 50 Bloggers.

I know the list isn't actually ranked, but I'm clinging to that #2 spot and rubbing Patric Welch's face in it. Take THAT, Mr. My Blog is Read by Thousands of People Because I Post Good Content Every Day!!!

A few blogs that I'm proud to be associated with:

Douglas Karr - Technology and everything web - Anytime someone mentions his name and mine in the same sentence, I'm so proud. At least as long as that sentence isn't "Erik Deckers can't hold a blogging candle to Doug Karr."

Chris Baggott - Blogging and SEO - See Doug Karr above.

Joe Wikert - Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 Blog - Mention the Amazon Kindle Reader, and Joe Wikert's name follows soon thereafter.

Ruth Holladay - All The News Not Fit to Print - Former Indy Star columnist has more bite than she used to after she left the Star. If you're tired of the national content posing as local in the Star, read Ruth instead. Once Matthew Tully and Bob Kravitz get fired leave the Star, there won't be any more reason to read it.

Emily Sutherland - Everything Gaither. . . and some personal stuff" - Hey, I know her! I even referenced her in a blogging discussion panel a few weeks ago! She even hat tipped me in her own personal blog, and I promised her a response. So: Hi Emily!

Hope Baugh - Everything Theatre - I'd love to get a job blogging restaurant reviews. If I can't get that, I would love Hope's job. She writes about the theat-ah scene in Central Indiana.

As I look over the list, I can see I'm in very stellar company. And it's an honor to make the list, especially at #2. Even if it is a random list. (I'll just leave that part out in case I ever get to brag about this at my high school reunion.)

You can read the entire list 52 bloggers at Kyle Lacy's blog.

Update: Lorraine Ball listed me in one of her favorite 50 blogs too. I'm number 41, and I beat Guy Kawasaki, who's at #46. So take THAT, Mr. Everyone Hangs On My Every Word Because I'm So Smart! Lorraine Ball likes me better. Nyah!

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