Mayor John Moloney of Mount Isa is Australia's Top Sexist for 2008

Congratulations Mayor John Moloney of Mount Isa, Australia for winning the top award for the most sexist public comment of 2008.

Moloney won the award for inviting ugly women to move to his little mining town, saying they could easily find a man, since there was less competition.

Moloney offered his controversial proposition in August 2008 as a way to help solve the shortage of women in his outback town. His comments offended men and women of Mount Isa, who said it was an insult to their town.

According to an Agence France Presse story, the winner of the Ernie award is chosen by the volume of boos and jeers given to each nominee during the annual women-only Ernie Awards in the New South Wales parliament.

The purpose of the Ernies is to shame men for “outrageous sexism.”

Sexism (n.) - Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of the opposite sex.

Irony (n.) - A group of Australian women who gather at a women-only event solely to shame and embarrass men for “outrageous sexism.”

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