Australian Parliament May Require Breathalyzer Test

Australian politicians in New South Wales may have to submit to Breathalyzer tests before they're allowed to enter Parliament. It happened after Nationals MP (Member of Parliament) Andrew Fraser shoved fellow MP Katrina Hodgkinson.

According to a story in the Australia Daily Telegraph, Fraser had been at a Christmas party before returning to Parliament for a late night vote. However, he denies he was drunk.

Fraser started talking smack to John Aquilina, the Government leader in the Legislative Assembly, when Hodgkinson tried to mediate. So Fraser shoved her.

If he wasn't drunk, then he must be a real A-hole.

Since Fraser ruined it for everyone else, a group of MPs began demanding voluntary breath testing machines so the MPs could show they weren't drunk before voting on important issues or shoving each other. However, the MPs seem to forget that "voluntary" means you don't have to do it, and you're free to get hammered and push your colleagues whenever you want.

Fraser apologized a couple days later and offered to resign his position as Opposition spokesman for primary industries, whatever that does.

You can see a video of Fraser shoving Hodgkinson here.

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