Bird Poop Crushes BMW, Hummer

I know bird poop can damage a car's finish. But to crush a BMW and a Hummer? That's a lot of poop.

But that's what happened in Yuma, AZ. According to a story in the Yuma (Ariz.) Sun, police there believe a thick layer of pigeon crap got soaked with rain and caused a gas station's canopy to collapse on top of a BMW and a Hummer. Luckily no one was injured, except for the Shell Station's manager's pride, who had no comment.

The owner of a nearby appliance store said there was at least 4 to 5 inches of pigeon poop on the canopy.

"It never fails," said the owner of one of the vehicles. "I just washed the thing, and I get bird crap on it."

"Our officers are not structural engineers," Major Leon Wilmot of the Yuma County sheriff's office told the Sun, "but a large amount of pigeon excrement has built up on that roof. It had been up there quite awhile.

"Initial information says that because of heavy rains, it is being speculated that the pigeon excrement made the awning collapse the way it did."

I just love the way cops talk, and their overuse of second person, and official-sounding big words like "excrement" instead of "poop."

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