Britain Has Some Odd Laws, like Don't Cause Nuclear Explosion or Disturb Eggs

British MPs (Members of Parliament) have introduced some pretty stupid laws over the past years. Eleven years, to be exact.

These aren't old, outdated laws from the 1800s that forbid unmarried people from sleeping in the same hotel bed. These are laws the Labour party has introduced since they took power in 1997. Labour has created 3,600 new criminal laws since that time.

According to a story from Agence France-Presse, it's against the law to disturb packs of eggs after being ordered by an "authorized officer" from doing so. It's also against the law to offer to sell wild birds that were killed on a Sunday or Christmas Day, willfully pretending to be a barrister, or to cause a nuclear explosion.

Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne has accused Labor of creating these stupid laws, and accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government of doing nothing to repeal the laws. He was then clapped in irons and hauled away, since it's against the law to accuse Gordon Brown of not repealing laws.

Justice minister Jack Straw has asked Huhne for a list of the laws he wants repealed, and promised to review them.

However, the question on everyone's mind is, are there really officers whose job it is to order people not to disturb packs of eggs?

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