British Man Dies From Picking His Nose

I had always thought it was a joke, but apparently you can die from picking your nose. It happened to Ian Bothwell of Manchester, England on or around September 5.

According to a story in the London Telegraph, the 63-year-old man, who suffered from dementia as a result of alcoholism, had picked his nose so much he bled to death.

In an inquest last week into Bothwells death, Nigel Meadows, Manchester coroner, said, "There is no explanation for this death other than he died from a nosebleed, consistent with picking his nose. I do not think for a moment he knew what he was doing was going to cause his death."

Meadows said the death was a result of "misadventure."

My dad once told me he suffered a nosebleed so bad he went to the hospital because it wouldn't stop. However, in his defense, I don't think it was a result of picking his nose. At least I hope not.

(BTW, that's Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands going for gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Future king of my dad's home country, making us all proud. Leef lang de Koning!


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