Let Me Google That For You

If you've ever been asked a question that can easily be Googled, there's a new website that will help you answer your friend's question and make him feel like a complete moron at the same time. (Friendship WIN!)

Let Me Google That For You was created by Jim Garvin and Ryan McGeary as a way to show people how to answer questions that could be answered if they only knew the name of the most popular search engine in the universe.

"'Let me Google that for you' is something I think most people in the IT field have had to say to someone they were frustrated with," Garvin wrote in an email to LA Times blogger Mark Milian. "For me and a few people I know, it happens with regular frequency."

You can see a little LMGTFY sample and find out what the original capital of Indiana was. (Hint: It wasn't Indianapolis.)

Thanks, Mr. Obvious. You're a life saver.

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