Scottish Cops Learn Difference Between Pot, Tomato Plants

Scottish police apparently can’t tell the difference between tomato plants and pot plants. Which is why they conducted a full-scale raid on 79-year-old Lulu Matheson’s house in Sieldaig, Scotland.

It took three squad cars, seven officers and drug dogs several hours of ransacking her house to conclude that the plants they saw in the window – the ones with red, apple-sized balls hanging from them – were not tomatoes after all.

To make sure, they sent it off to the lab for testing.

During the raid, they kept Lulu’s son Gus locked in his room for two hours, and handcuffed her grandson Stephen.

"I got a terrible fright and I couldn't understand what they were doing here because I knew we had nothing more than tomatoes in the window. I don't know what the neighbours must be thinking,” Lulu told the Times of London.

“It was a terrible carry-on,” Gus said. “The police didn’t even apologise.”

Needless to say, Gus will make a formal complaint. Meanwhile, I hope the police will take some botany classes to learn the difference between cannabis and tomato plants.

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  1. In their defense, the plants do grow to about the same height.. oops, now how would I know that?

    Biology class..

  2. Wow, must have been some biology class.


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