International Stupidest Criminals of 2008

It's heartening to see that the United Stated is not the only country that suffers from stupid criminals, like the three separate morons who attacked their girlfriends with a sandwich.

Thanks to a recent story in New Zealand's Stuff news website, we can learn about other stupid criminals from other parts of the world.

Like German tourist Jan Philip Scharbert who sprayed graffiti on the Franz Josef Glacier. Some English tourists videotaped Scharberts schtupidity and he was ordered to clean up the graffiti. It took him a day and a half, but he was able to avoid any charges because authorities were pleased with his efforts.

Like Hayden Tibbotts from Christchurch, who was arrested for drunk driving after his 1988 Ford Laser got stuck in the sand at Waikuku Beach.

But Tibbotts said he hadn't been drunk when he was driving. Instead, they got drunk to "celebrate" the car getting sucked into the ocean.

Tibbotts said they left the car as the waves got bigger, and called the police for help. Then they cracked open a few cold ones and watched "the waves smash into the car."

"We had been there four or five hours," Tibbotts said. "We thought we may as well have a drink to celebrate the sinking of the ship.

"We weren't doing anything stupid, it doesn't sound right that I'd ring the cops if I was drunk driving."

If you weren't doing anything stupid, you wouldn't have been driving a freaking car on the wet beach to begin with. And if you weren't drinking and driving, where'd you get the beer in the first place?

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