Third Sandwich Attack in Florida

It's becoming an epidemic in the Port St. Lucie/Vero Beach, Fla. area: there has been a third sandwich-related attacks by guys on their girlfriend.

The previous two were a Vero Beach man who assaulted his girlfriend with a cheeseburger, and a Port St. Lucie man who attacked his S.O. with an unnamed sandwich.

This time it's 20-year-old Matthew Rubin doing the attacking. The police report says Rubin hit his girlfriend with a sandwich, then bopping her on the top of the head with his fist, before fleeing the scene. Rubin admits to hitting her with the sandwich, but not his fist. He was arrested this past Friday, and is being charged with battery. Police have not specified what sandwich was used.

While the coincidence would be delicious, I doubt it was a Reuben sandwich.

Normally, I would suspect copycat crimes for something like this, but something tells me these sandwich slappers aren't the type to read newspapers or keep up on current events. I can only conclude it's something in the local water. Or mayo.

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You can see by the map that the two cities are about 18 miles apart. And now Port St. Lucie has suffered two attacks less than six weeks apart.

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