Woman Sues University For Not Being Named Homecoming Queen

Sandra Howery, a non-traditional student at Sacramento State University, is suing SSU because she wasn't named Homecoming Queen. She says she scored the most points to win, but lost the Electoral College vote, and someone else was named the winner.

"I am not a sore loser; it's just the principle of everything," Howery told CBS13, Sacramento, California's local CBS affiliate.

No, you're a sore loser. "It's the principle of the thing" is the battle cry of the sore loser.

Howery believed that if she made more donations than anyone else, she could win. She had over 1,400 points just for donations.

Sandra claims student affairs made it seem like if she got the most donations she could win.

"I knew that I donated a lot more than everybody else; I had over 1,400 points for donations," said Sandra.

Meanwhile, Cassy Hughes, a friend of the winner, says it takes more than just donations. She told CBS13, "there's an interview, your essay, your clubs and activities you're involved in are going to get more points.".

Howery says she believes she lost for one simple reason: "I would have thought I would have been an embarrassment."

Not like now. Because if they give it to you, you can hold your head up high knowing that you have won the crown with honor, dignity, and hard work.

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