Al Franken Leading Minn. Senate Race, Norm Coleman May Go Back On His Word

Former funny man and apparent Democrat Senator-to-be Al Franken looks to be in the lead in Minnesota's Senate race. The Saturday Night Live alum currently leads the race by 225 votes, and the state's Canvassing Board only has to certify the results on Monday to make it official.

Not so fast, Al. It looks like Republican opponent Norm Coleman may file a lawsuit to challenge the election results. He also has a petition before the state Supreme Court to include 650 votes that were improperly rejected, but not sent to St. Paul for counting.

Hmm, Norm Coleman. . . Norm Coleman. . . that name sounds so familiar. How do I know that name?

Oh wait, I remember. That's the guy who, when he was leading the recount, said if the tables were turned, he would step aside, even if the margin were a slim one.

I said back in November that Coleman wouldn't step aside if he were in Franken's shoes, and it looks like he hasn't. If Norm truly wanted to be a man of his word, he would do what he said he would. But instead, he would rather be a politician. I can't blame him, because it's a sweet gig. But still, don't say you would do something if you're not actually prepared to do it.

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  1. Let us not forget that Obama also told his constituents that he would fill out his term as a Senator. :-D

  2. Just curious....

    When and where did Coleman say that "if the tables were turned, he would step aside, even if the margin were a slim one"?

    I know that you said he said it, but where did you read or hear that?

  3. Hi Cassie,

    I have looked in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune article I originally referenced in my post back in November, and they have updated that story so often, the original is not even there anymore.

    The closest I could find was this other Star-Trib article that says Coleman asked Franken to waive his right to the recount, but did not include his statement that he would step aside.

    I did a quick Google search and found it on the Huffington Post. There are other blogs that also have it, but the Huffington Post seems to be the most credible of them all (and how scary is THAT?).

    Thanks for writing.

  4. Thanks for doing the research, Erik.

    I don't place too much credence in the Huffington Post.

    Let the recounting continue ... and bring on the lawsuits!


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