Cut to the Front of the Line? That's a Jailing

I love my hometown of Muncie, Indiana. It's the home of Ball State University, Jim Davis and Garfield, Muncie Central High School (8 state basketball championships), and David Letterman.

It's also the home of Edward Pluhars, Senior and Junior. These two were arrested on January 11 for cutting in line at the northside Wal-Mart. In front of a police officer. And then fighting with him. And hitting him with their van.

According to a story in the Muncie Star-Press, MPD officer Chris Kirby was in line at the service desk when Pluhar the Younger cut in front of him. Kirby told Junior to wait his turn, to which Junior refused.

Pluhar the Senior then told Kirby to mind his own business, and asked him if he would like to step outside for a few words.

According to the Star-Press, who feels the need to protect our Victorian sensibilities, Pluhar said he would "kick Kirby's posterior." (Yes, they actually said "posterior.") Pluhar also suggested he might shoot Kirby.

So Kirby stated factually that he was a police officer, and called for backup.

The Pluhars then fled the scene, and Kirby followed them out to the parking lot. The elder Pluhar managed to clip Kirby in the leg with his van, and the younger Pluhar thought a lame cop would be easy pickings, so the two fought. That's when the backup showed up, and arrested the two without any more incident.

I love Muncie. I spent my formative years there, and know every inch of the place. And there are several reasons I left. One of them is because it contains people who are likely to get arrested for cutting in line at a Wal-Mart.

Of course, you find that everywhere, so it's not like I've actually escaped anything.

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