Playing For Change: Stand By Me. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

My good friend Norma sent me this YouTube video of Stand By Me as a New Year's wish, and I just got around to watching it 16 days later. This has got to be one of the coolest musical productions ever. It was part of the Playing For Change film, which was actually part of the Heartland Film Festival here in Indianapolis. I reviewed a few of those films, but unfortunately, didn't get a chance to see this one. Until now.

Once you realize what's happening and how they made it, it'll give you chills. Simply awesome.

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  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL video. That's always been one of my favorite songs because of its simplicity. Just when you think this version is reaching its crescendo, they hit you with something else. If you're not singing with it at the end, check your pulse. You may not have one.


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