Swedish Man Tries to Make Up With Girlfriend, But She Stabs Him in the Back. No, Seriously.

A 47-year-old Swedish woman is in a Swedish jail after she stabbed her Swedish boyfriend in his back with a Swedish knife. He is in Sunderbyn Hospital – in Sweden – and is in stable condition.

(Swedish is one of those words that starts to look funny if you say it too many times.)

According to a story in The Local, Sweden's English language newspaper, the couple had planned a romantic dinner as a way to smooth over a rough patch in their relationship.

The man cooked dinner and gave her several presents to show his love for her.

"But she didn't like them and ripped them up with a scissors. She was also critical of the food, and when he stood up to throw the food away she approached him from behind and stabbed him in the back with a knife," said police spokesman Yngve Hansson.

(If they were in Switzerland, I could do a really good joke about this guy and Swiss cheese.)

Apparently there was alcohol involved – I know, I was just as surprised as you are! – which means police were not able to question her, as she was "heavily under the influence of alcohol" when she was arrested. She is currently being held on charges of aggravated assault.

Swedish aggravated assault.

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