Tina Fey Tells Haters to "Suck It" During Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Back when newspapers were still popular, important, and relevant, there was a saying, "Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel."

Although the power of the Internet has given the ink to the people, the adage is still true: "Never pick a fight with someone who can spank you on national television."

During Tina Fey's acceptance speech, she said, "You can find a loooot of people who don't like you (on the Internet). And I'd like to address some of them now."

She then proceeded to tell three of her detractors to "suck it." Too funny.

Tina Fey 1, Haters 0. Plus 5 bonus points for doing it on national television.

Of course, there's that old ink by the barrel thing again, and DianeFan, Cougar-Letter, and BabsonLaCrosse all had something to say about Tina's little shout out.

The three commenters – or possibly two, since another message board writer says DianeFan and Cougar-Letter are the same person – are frequent message board writers on The Envelope column, hosted at the LA Times.

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  1. Shouldn't saying something like "Suck it" on national television be considered just as bad and unacceptable as some of the things her detractors have been saying?

  2. That being said...Her portrayal of Sarah Palin was the best stuff I've seen on SNL for a long time.

  3. No, it's not bad because it was funny.

    Okay, maybe it's bad. But is there a difference between funny Sarah Palin imitations and telling faceless, nameless people to suck it? On the one hand, Sarah Palin is a public figure and open to satire and parody.

    But are forum commentators who post anonymously open to satire and parody? Is it okay to make jokes at their expense when they attack her?

  4. I thought it was pretty funny - totally cracked me up!!!

    I think anyone who makes themselves a public figure (even through pseudo-names) opens themselves up.... I think if you dish it, you've got to take it...


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