Warning: This Box of Eggs May Contain Eggs

I understand the need for safety and warning labels, but one British firm has taken things a little too far, by telling shoppers their eggs contain, well, eggs.

The Happy Egg Company, part of the Noble Food Company, has put a warning label on the inside lid of their 6-pack egg cartons that says, "Allergy Advice: Contains egg."

Daily Mail on Sunday food writer Tom Parker-Bowles (son of Camilla Parker-Bowles) said "It does get to the point when warnings go too far. We don’t need to be told a peanut contains nuts or eggs contain egg. Perhaps as a nation we should stop being so overexcited about the bureaucracy of everything. The company probably feel they need to cover their backs to escape the wrath of health-and-safety rules."

Happy Egg originally blamed supermarkets' labeling rules for their warning, but later said they did it on their own, after the supermarkets said they only require producers to comply with already-existing laws.

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the lawyers.

A spokesperson for the Food Standards Agency said, "Allergen advice has to be stated, but it can be anywhere, including in the ingredients list and in the name of the product. As long as the box says “eggs” that is sufficient. Companies just need to use common sense with their labeling."

Or include a special warning on their company headquarters, "Warning: May Contain Lawyers."

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