Apple Introduces the New Mac Wheel Laptop

Apple started attracting a lot of attention a few weeks ago with the news of their new No-Keyboard laptop. According to the ONN (Onion News Network), the new keyboard uses the same click-wheel currently found on the iPod Classic.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Surprisingly, a lot of people in the blogosphere haven't realized The Onion is a news satire site that publishes fake news stories several times a day.

Including the No-Keyboard Laptop.

Not too surprisingly, the blogosphere is filled with people who have unfortunately missed the joke completely. (You can find some great comments here -- #4 is especially funny.)

While these Mac Wheel haters are griping that people are so stupid, they'll buy any shiny thing with a click wheel, it sounds like the real goobers are the ones who refuse to buy the product, because typing on a wheel is "stupid."

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