Bad Manners in Public? That's a Clubbing

A lack of manners in one man, and a sarcastic attempt to teach them by another, led to a golf club attack on a 50-year-old Falmouth, Mass. man by an irate d-bag with anger issues.

According to the Cape Cod Times, Carlos Navarro was at a Hess gas station in Falmouth, when the victim held the door open for Navarro. When Navarro failed to say thank you, the other man sarcastically said "thank you." That's when Navarro decided to share his passion for golf with the man.

Navarro told the police he felt insulted, and the two began to argue. Police said Navarro "allegedly" retrieved a wooden golf club from his car, and whacked the 50-year-old man in the stomach and legs.

The unidentified man received only minor injuries, and Navarro was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and failing to yell "fore" before swinging. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 31.

I'll bet he learns his manners in prison.

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