British Education Minister Needs Spelling Help

British Schools Minister Jim Knight got himself into a little hot water this past week when his blog contained several egregious spelling errors that made international news.

Needless to say, the British press crucified Knight, figuring that as the Minister in charge of Schools, he ought to know better. The Sun even marked up the offending page from his blog, and then mocked up a photo of Knight wearing a dunce cap.

Still, he has faced his embarrassment rather well, and even addressed his errors in his blog.

"I update my own blog and facebook page," said Knight on his blog (forgetting to capitalize – sorry, capitalise, for our British friends – Facebook), "often from my phone when I am on the move. As a result, mistakes do occasionally creep in. In the future, I ‘must do better’ and always check my work."

Fair enough. He owned his mistakes in a public manner, and promised to do better. But a couple of his constituents couldn't let it go.

Phil Weedon Message left at 02:39 pm, Thu 5th Feb 2009
Dear Jim, I couldn't believe what I was reading. My 11 year old Grandson wouldn't submit such shoddy work, let alone put it up on a website. I can imagine you are suitably embarrassed, but it should never have happened in the first place. Being "on the move" is no excuse. Yours sincerely, Phil

sally cousens Message left at 01:53 pm, Sat 7th Feb 2009
Here here Phil - I wholeheartedly agree with your point about pride in submitting work for all to see. Perhaps you would like to see my comment posted yesterday on the December Jim Knight blog? Sally

Jim Knight Message left at 03:52 pm, Sat 7th Feb 2009
Sally, I hate to be a pedant but shouldn't that be spelt "hear hear"? ;) Jim

Oh snap! Not only does Sally fail to capitalize – sorry, capitalise – her own name, but she misspells "hear hear" when she's condemning a guy about his spelling errors.

Reminds me of the old saying: when you point a finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you.

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