Embarrassing Celebrity Ads in Other Countries

You gotta love the Internet. Without it, we wouldn't know about dancing babies, Christian Bale's a-hole rant on a movie set, or Nick Cage's weird Sankyo Pachinko commercial from Japan.

Cracked.com just posted an article on 8 humiliating celebrity ads, including Sylvester Stallone selling ham and sausage, a 1980s John Travolta pumping iron for Tokyo Drink, and Paul Newman winking and pointing for Maxwell Blendy. My favorite is Brad Pitt, in a bad Italian accent, demanding people look at his ass in his Edwin jeans.

Many American celebs who won't do commercials in the U.S. because it cheapens their image will think nothing of accepting a few million bucks to embarrass themselves in a foreign country, because they thought no one would see it. But now, thanks to YouTube and an increasingly snarky U.S. population, these never-before-seen videos are now available for our pointing and laughing.

So check out the Cracked.com article and have a good laugh. It's oishi!

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