Hey, That Guy We Robbed Stole Our Van!

Patrick Rosario threw a wrench into the plans of two burglars who were robbing his house.

He stole their van.

The two at-large burglars were upstairs in his Bellevue, Washington home while he was down in the basement. He sneaked out of his house, called 911, and then spotted a white van sitting in his driveway, engine running, keys in the ignition. He hopped in and drove it up a steep hill a few blocks away to a friend's house, then yelled "neener neener neener!." (Okay, he didn't do that last part.)

When the two guys got outside, and saw the van missing, they ran off. They left three flat-screen TVs, video game consoles, a laptop, a jewelry box, and a trail of urine leading toward the highway.

"I kept a pretty cool head," Rosario told the Seattle Times. "You never know how you're going to react until you're in that situation."

A passing driver told police he saw the thieves leave the house, and that "the males looked back... and appeared startled."

"I wish I could have seen the look on their faces," Rosario said.

I'd love to see the look on theirs when the police arrest them after tracing them through the van Rosario stole. And then the look on their faces when their new cellmate Big Earl makes them his prison bitches.

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