Hoosier Bride Attacked by Her Sister at Wedding

Quiz time:

You're purposely not invited to your sister's wedding reception. Do you:

a) Reexamine your relationship and try to make amends before the reception?
b) Stay at home, get drunk, and feel sorry for yourself?
c) Show up anyway, and pull out clumps of your sister's hair?

If you're Annmarie Bricker of Vaparaiso, Ind. you choose C.

The 23-year-old woman was arrested for battery, a misdemeanor, after she showed up at a reception for Lori Kappes and Nicholas Landry and attacked Kappes. The attack took place in Hebron, Indiana. Bricker allegedly pulled out clumps of her hair, hit her in the head, and wrestled her to the ground. Kappes did not need medical attention.

Bricker told police/her employer -- she was a Porter County 911 dispatcher, until she resigned -- that she only wanted to talk to her sister and parents about family parents.

Bricker said she never touched her sister, but five people said otherwise. She told police an "old lady had jumped on my back" and she was jumped by two other men.

Hair pulling and wrestling someone to the ground is a Class A misdemeanor in Indiana. Bricker faces a possible year in jail and $5,000 fine.

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