HP Sauce: Weapon or Condiment?

British police officers were rushed to the hospital after coming in contact with something brown and with an "unusual smell."

London's Metropolitan Police said a couple of officers in Enfield, North London were investigating reports of a heinous smell coming through a car window. The officers who came into contact with the substance were taken to the hospital.

The sauce was later identified as HP Sauce, a British brown sauce similar to Heinz A-1 steak sauce, an American brown sauce that has had fewer police health scares.

I used to enjoy HP Sauce with my fish and chips when I worked at Fionn MacCool's, an Irish pub in Fishers, Indiana. It's not my favorite, but I learned to enjoy it.

A police spokesman told the BBC: "Officers who came into contact with the substance were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure."

They were released with a side of chips and pint of lager.

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  1. I'd be much more afraid if the brown substance was Marmite.


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