Indianapolis Children Faces Peanut Allergy Peril (sort of)

Last week's column, British Supermarket Bans Girl's Balloons, was about Tesco supermarket, a store that won't allow balloons into their locations. This year, it was an excuse that a helium balloon could block a fire sprinkler. Back in 2007, they told a clown, Barney Baloney, that latex balloons could cause allergic reactions in some kids (assuming they rubbed themselves all over with said balloon for several hours).

The problem was Tesco just seemed to be making this up as they went along, rather than having some addle-minded corporate ass-covering definitive policies in place after the first time they ran into this.

This all reminded me of a sign I saw at one of my new favorite hamburger places. (I won't name them, because they make awesome hamburgers, and I'd hate for them to ban me.)

This restaurant offers free peanuts for people to eat while they wait for their burgers to cook, but they don't want people taking them out of the store. Why? The sign says they might come in contact with kids in the neighborhood who have a peanut allergy.

Yeah, right.

This store is in a commercial area, where the only way to get to it is by car. Even if there really were kids in the neighborhood who had a peanut allergy, unless they're all congregating around my car, there's no way they're going to get sick.

I can understand not wanting people to make off with 5 pounds of peanuts after they've finished eating. That's fair enough. But don't insult my intelligence by making some dumb excuse that kids who live a half-mile away are going to suffer raining fiery hell from a peanut in my car.

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